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Legit - Giving is Blessing - Peter Tanchi

And the more expansive our minds, the more open our hearts, the more we give, the more we grow into the likeness of the great giving God. And it is such a sweet feeling one almost fears that we may be led to do it for the very sweetness there is in the act.

But it is the happiness of giving when it is done to express our own feelings of love to Jesus. And though there is no merit in any gift that any man can ever give, yet there is "a good foundation for the time to come. It is an evidence. In the great day of judgment, the thing examined will be, "Did you love Christ?

You must come to God as a poor sinner, unable to pay the debt that you owe, and receive the forgiveness that He has provided freely for you, but at great cost to Himself. He offers this unspeakable gift to everyone who will receive it. Thus if we are becoming givers, although we can never match what Jesus did or even think of paying Him back, we are being more conformed to His image, and we will be blessed.

Paul had given himself and his material goods to see these men come to Christ and be built up in Christ. They knew that he loved them like no one else had ever loved them. And so when it came time for Paul to depart from them for what they thought would be the last time, they broke out in loud, uncontrollable sobs. They fell on his neck and repeatedly kissed him, as Middle Eastern men do to this day when greeting one another. The scene that Luke portrays here shows the deep mutual love between Paul and these men. If Paul had been stingy or greedy or had tried to rip them off, this scene would never have taken place.

And my huge bank accounts really mean everything! I once read that the late billionaire J. Needless to say, those guests were not there because of the warm feelings that they had for J. Paul Getty! Stingy, greedy people cut themselves off from close relationships with others. Greed destroys close relationships, but givers know the joy of deep and enduring relationships with others. Givers are invariably people of faith, because you have to trust in God to give away money that you easily could spend on yourself.

So it was fitting that Paul knelt down with these men and prayed with them before he got on board the ship. He probably prayed that God would keep them from false teachers, that each man would be a godly example to the flock, and that through them the church would be built up and expand all over Asia.


And he probably prayed that God would meet their needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus Phil. These men grieved at the thought of never seeing Paul again, because they knew that this generous man loved them, and they loved him. So givers are blessed because they are freed from the destructive sin of greed; they are being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ; and, they have deep and enduring relationships with others.

But there is a fourth reason that givers are blessed. It is not explicit in our text, although it is implicit here and explicit elsewhere:. As I said, heaven is not the reward for being a giver. Unlike our investments in this uncertain world, that can be lost in a market crash, our investments in heaven are secure from every source of loss. Instruct those who are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.

Instruct them to do good to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed 1 Tim. How can you put a price on an investment that yields eternal dividends?

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Years ago, a lady was filling a box for missionaries in India. A child came to her door to give her a penny, all that the child had, to be used for the Lord.

7 Benefits Of Being A Giver

With this coin, the missionary bought a tract and put it into the box. Eventually, this gospel leaflet came into the hands of a Burmese chief, and God used it to bring him to salvation.

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The chief told the story of his conversion to his friends, and many of them believed in Christ and threw away their idols. They built a church there, sent out a missionary, and at least 1, natives were converted. Almost everyone has heard of and loves O. One Christmas Eve, Della wanted to buy a present for her husband, Jim, but she did not have enough money. She wanted to buy him a platinum fob chain for his precious family heirloom pocket watch, the proudest possession he owned.

In desperation, she decided to sell her own most proud possession, her long and beautiful hair. It brought in just enough, and she bought the watch fob. When she got home and looked in the mirror, she was shocked at her appearance. But she thought that it was worth it to get Jim this special present. When Jim came home, he looked at Della and there was deep, silent shock in his eyes. He handed it to Della to unwrap.

Now it was her turn to be in shock, because inside she found a set of combs for her beautiful hair that she had long admired in a Broadway window.

To buy them, Jim had sold his precious watch. Both of them had sacrificed the most precious possession out of love for the other.

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Were they foolish? They are the Magi. His story illustrates the joy and blessing of giving.

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  5. God has given His own Son so that you might be saved from His judgment. If you have received His gift, He will bless you even more as you become a giver out of love for Jesus. Questions About the Old Testament Law.

    4 Incredible Blessings of Giving

    Is it okay to involve an unbeliever in church ministry? What Denomination Does Bible. Psalms Of Kindness. Givers are blessed because they are freed from the destructive sin of greed a. Elders are to set the example of being free from greed. Greed is a sin that destroys the greedy person. The solution to overcoming greed is to work to provide for your own needs and to give to provide for the legitimate needs of others.

    Givers are blessed because they are being conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus b. Givers are blessed because they have deep and enduring relationships with others It is not explicit in our text, although it is implicit here and explicit elsewhere: 4. Givers are blessed because they will reap eternal rewards.

    Conclusion Almost everyone has heard of and loves O.