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Guy 1: I think it might be time to have that compound fracture looked at by a doctor dude. You are such a dumbass.

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Guy 3: Hostel is the best movie that was ever made ever! Guy 4 : Oh my god what a dumbass Redism that 70's show meaning stupid moron. No Kitty He's kinda dumb. And he's an ass too. In fact he's a A person who is both dumb and an ass at the same time.

Contrast with "dumbass," which is a conjugate of the terms, thereby creating a new class of person. Another example of twisted logic at Wal-Mart. A woman went into a Wal-Mart in Texas last week, picked up a cake at the bakery, and ate half of it as she walked around the store. When she got to the register, she refused to pay more than half price for …. A woman in Spain went to the cops to file a complaint.

O que são "Discordâncias"?

A repeat offender for the dumbass today. Back in February, I gave a guy named Mark in Marion, Indiana, the dumbass award because he accidentally shot himself in the junk…with an unlicensed handgun, which he was arrested for. Even more translations in the English-Indonesian dictionary by bab. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab.

American English, slang dumbass also: doofus.


Context sentences Context sentences for "dumbass" in Portuguese These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English That's what you get, dumb-ass. More by bab.

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English dull person dullness dully duly duly constituted dumb dumb blonde dumb cluck dumb show dumb waiter dumbass dumbbell dumbest dumbfounded dumbly dumbness dumbstricken dumbstruck dumbwaiter dummkopf dummy Even more translations in the English-Indonesian dictionary by bab.