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Just keep going. We've got to get out of here. Just go,'" Rabbit said. As she ran, she passed other people still sitting in their cars. At least six people were confirmed to have died in their cars while attempting to flee. Rabbit went about 1. It was insane. She must have fallen at some point, she said, since she later realized she had a bloody knee and an injured ankle. Rabbit later learned that her home was one of thousands destroyed by the fire.

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She and her family are staying in Chico with her boss, who owns the tattoo shop where she works. Many other people who lost homes are living in far worse conditions , with some even camping in a Walmart parking lot in Chico. On Monday, 11 days after Rabbit abandoned her car and escaped on foot, she found her burned car in a tow lot in Chico. The remnants of Rabbit's silver Mazda.


Courtesy of Jackie Rabbit. She scoured the car's shell looking for a few keepsake items she'd left behind: her daughter's baby teeth, a doll, jewelry given to her by her grandmother, and a silver flask that Rabbit gave her husband as an anniversary gift. Rabbit said the attendant who towed her car said the person in the car next to hers had died in their vehicle. Despite the trauma, Rabbit said, her family plans to eventually rebuild their lives in the area.

Escaping Paradise: A story of Camp Fire survivors

Greg Meneshian, 53, is one. Meneshian moved to the gated, equestrian-oriented community just west of the bustling San Fernando Valley about five years ago. The sense of community he felt the night he evacuated, he said, is just more reason for him and his two daughters, 10 and 12, to stay. Looking northwest from his driveway on the night of Nov. He and his neighbors met on the street in front of his home trying to figure out what they should do, Meneshian said.

But he was in disbelief.

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He woke up the girls and told them to pack a bag for a week. The power had been flickering on and off, and Meneshian knew that meant it was time to go. Unlike Jones, whose wife had gotten an evacuation alert, Meneshian left before anyone told him to. It was dark and smoky with nothing but the pockets of fire visible in the canyon, Meneshian said. Vehicles raced down his hilly street. Before Paradise burned, there were already signs of problems with evacuation routes during major wildfires, said Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, whose district includes Glendale.

The Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, which killed 22 people and destroyed more than 5, structures, raised alarms.

Afterward, Friedman and her staff talked with academics about the lessons learned, and she introduced Assembly Bill , which then-Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in Among other things, AB requires that subdivisions with only one exit route, located in very high hazard zones for wildfire, undergo an assessment. The bill calls for developing safety recommendations. State fire officials should begin the surveys around July 1, , and continue every five years after.

Friedman hopes for more state funding for the assessments. She sees reason for optimism in Gov. In March, Newsom fast-tracked 35 priority projects to remove years of dry, built-up vegetation and create fuel breaks for emergency routes. Those follow an effort by Caltrans since to remove dead and dying trees from state roadways. Cova, the wildfire evacuations expert, said 25 years ago he became preoccupied with the idea that road congestion was the problem.

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The direction the roads let out is also important. In most fire-prone areas officials know what historically contributes to large wildfires, such as Santa Ana or Diablo winds, and can plan to build roads in a direction those gusts are unlikely to push the fire, Cova said. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Phylogeography of two closely related Indo-Pacific butterflyfishes reveals divergent evolutionary histories and discordant results from mtDNA and microsatellites.

Brian W. Reef fish endemism and genetic connectivity: Phylogeography of endemic damselfishes in the Hawaiian Archipelago Kimberly A.

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