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This film is about the exciting backstage world of the music halls of Montmarte, focusing on the grand opening of the Moulin Rouge. The story revolves around Danglard an aging impresario with a talent for transforming common working girls into dance hall sensations. Complications arise when he is captivated by Nini, a beautiful laundress, and decides to make her the star of his new show.

Eating good food is very important to the people of France. In fact, French cuisine is considered to be an art. Find out h ow and why this fascination with food developed. Africa, a vacation haven for unattached, consenting adults. A side-splitting take off of the "club-Med" as it started out, when having a good time depended on how many partners you had, no matter who they were. A headstrong young woman moves out on her devoted lover and takes her own appartment in the city "to experience lonliness. The great conqueror Julius Caesar led the mighty Roman legions in their victory over Gaul.

Initially prompted by concerns for Roman security, the campaign soon turned from one of protection to one of conquest, providing Caesar with lasting fame and glory. As a result of the Gallic wars, Caesar enjoyed great wealth, a highly trained loyal army, and enormous popularity. A sensitive, daringly original and deeply human portrait of a group of teenagers living in the projects outside Paris and surviving in a world marginalized by society.

Set during preparation for school production, it captures their affections, quarrels and jealousies as well as the budding romance between shy Krimo and Lydia, the fiery blonde star. Confident and sassy, Lydia is a romantic, stunning beauty driven by passion. Friends throughout their lives, as they move into adolescence, Krimo realizes he has fallen in love. Using the show as a way to get closer to Lydia, Krimo persuades his friend, Rachid, to five up the lead role.

In , at the last impressionist Exhibition in Paris, an unknown painter, Geoges Seurat, exhibited a large canvas which caused a scandal for its technical daring and lack of concern for the accepted conventions of painting. The story of a miners' strike which destroys one family, yet plants the seeds of change for future generations.

Two tapes. Part 1 of 2: Gervaise is a young woman whose husband becomes an alcoholic after an accident. Sandrine, a woman in her thirties gets tired of life in Paris and decides to leave her work in computers and become a farmer. She takes the required practice for two years, and after that she buys an isolated farm from Adrien, an old farmer who decides it's time to retire. However, Adrien wants to stay a few more months before moving away from the farm, and the rough winter finds them together Her investigation leads us from forgotten corners of the French countryside to off-hourse at the green markets of Paris, following those who insist on finding a use for that which society has cast off, whether out of necessity or activism.

Special features include: Exclusive follow-up film, production notes, and filmography. One of the very first escape movies, two French solders are held in a World War I German prison camp. Special features include: Rare theatrical trailer, audio essay by film historian Peter Cowie, archival radio presentation, and press book excerpts. Winner of Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival , Mathieu Kassovitz's harsh black-and-white drama of dispossessed urban youth is an unremitting look at the violence, unemployment and racial hatred that divide the young of contemporary France.

Set in a Paris suburb over the course of 24 hours, the film is remarkable for the verve of its authentic performances and its gritty, realistic feel. Cixous turns to the classics — Freud's Dora and Shakespeare's Cordelia—to illustrate the legacy of phallocentricism in western culture. Complex love affair about the delicate balance between agony and ecstasy.

Scenes of love, interspersed with scenes of war in a brilliant cinematic style, show a human relationship that transcends all historical events. In a world ravaged by revolution and violence, two strangers — a handsome renegade and a beautiful countess — find their only chance for survival in each ohter! Together they undertake a perilous cross-country journey where they will also discover unmatched danger, excitement Jalil Lespert plays Franck, an ambitious young student who comes home from Paris to spend time at the local steel-pressing plant.

His father Jean-Claude Vallot , who looks like a cowardly walrus, has worked on the factory floor for decades. His bright, inexperienced son goes straight into the personnel department, where the issue is one of restructuring the labor force. We all know what that means. The clash between innocence and experience can be seen coming a mile off, but that doesn't diminish the patient, doomy force of the plot, or Cantet's skill in digging drama out of such intractable material. The inevitable showdown between father and son is like a blow to the heart, and the movie ends in a sort of bewildered daze.

Apart from Lespert, none of the performers are professionals; they are proper workers, and it shows Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, In French with English subtitles. Bruno Dumont's visionary and hauntingly powerful film tells the story of Pharaon De Winter, a police detective who lives with his mother in a working-class town in Northern France. With astonishing and raw sesitivity, Pharaon agonizes over the evil he must confront every day during the course of his work. His latest case is the brutal rape and murder of an year-old girl, a crime so barbarous that Pharaon reels from the madness of it, struggling to grasp its meaning.

As the investigation proceeds to its startling climax, Pharaon's profound humanity is tested to its limits. Special features include: Production credits, trailer, interview with Bruno Dumont, and weblink. Eliane Devries, the seemingly repressed owner of a prosperous rubber plantation in French Indochina. Her steely exterior is only a mask intended to hide her torrid love affairs from upper-class society. But when her adopted Indochinese daughter innocently falls in love with Eliane's lover, the scandalous lovers' triangle threatens to destroy their entire family.

When Driss, an ex-con from the projects, is hired to take care of an eccentric French aristocrat named Philippe, his newfound job quickly becomes an unpredictable adventure. Speeding a Maserati through Paris, seducing women and paragliding over the Alps is just the beginning, as Driss turns the often humorous world of upper-class Parisian society upside-down. As this unlikely duo overcome adversity of every flavor in this true story, they also shatter their preconceptions of love, life and each other. The explosive, courage-filled story of the Allied Resistance and the Paris Liberation of The life and music of the inimitable French composer-singer, the tough Parisian with the guitar who looked life in the eye unflinchingly.

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A portrait of the great poet, playwright and novelist, as Prevert discusses religion, the politics of art, and his work. She disapproves of her parents' apparently light attitude and is particularly shocked by her father's reluctance to even talk about the event. It is not long before Lili falls into depression and her condition quickly deteriorates.

Daniel an out-of-work actor, is employed by the rector of the Montreal Basilica to update the dry and staid version of The Passion Play. They sail away together along with a cabin boy and a colorful sailor Pere Jules. Special features include: A featurette: the making of Latalante, poster gallery, and Jean Vigo filmography. Poet of the French cinema Jean Cocteau transforms fantasy into reality in this exquisite adaption of Mme.

Marie Leprince de Beaumont's fairy tale. Two stories: Part 1: La Chienne. A Jean Renoirs film of Guy de Maupassant's gentile 19th century short story. It tells the tale of seduction along the banks of the Marne, in which the natural setting exists only as a background. Marivaux' own favorite among his plays, the comedy tells of two lovers separated by the prince both of whom fall in love with others at court.

A story of personal vengeance in which "the innocent hero, Montriveau, is seduced by a bored society coquette who uses religion as "a cold shower" when the heat of passion becomes too intense and then throws him away "like a squeezed lemon. His real vengeance comes when she falls in love with him — too late — and retires to a convent. Special features include: Biography of Robin Renucci and filmographies. Seven programs consisting of in-depth interviews filmed on location. In Lyon, legendary chef Paul Bocuse presents the basics of haute cuisine.

A hard-working law student at the University of Grenoble gives her views on French education. Most suitable for high intermediate to advanced students. Paris Three allied parachutists land unexpected and turn upsidedown the peaceful lives of Stanislas, a conductor, and Augustin a decorator.

The only way to get rid of their unwanted guests is to lead them to the free zone. An inspired production of Giraudoux' famous play about the conflict between those who see war as the greatest risk of all and the ultimate folly, and those who speak of patriotism, manliness, and glory. A Venetian lover, a Parisian author and an exiled American patriot cross paths in this witty exploration of human folly set in the France of Louis XVI. One night in , the King and Marie Antoinette don disguises and flee revolutionary Paris, hoping to join allies from abroad and regain the throne.

The scandalous writer, Restif de la Bretonne, recognizing a unique situation, follows the royal retinue. During the arduous journey, Restif joins a weary Casanova, himself fleeing a noble family which has reduced him to jester. Thomas Paine, a beautiful Countess, and the Queen's snippy hairdresser also turn up in this sumptuous Gallic fable before the travelers make a fateful stop in Varenness. La Promesse is a moving, authentic drama in the neo-realist tradition.

Igor and his father Roger run an apartment scam, renting to illegal immigrants and exploiting them as a work force. Immigrant Amidou is injured when he falls off a scaffold and Igor makes a promise that exposes the different values of Igor, Roger and Amidou's wife, Assita. Special features include: Cast and director filmographies, European trailer, and photo gallery. Beautiful aristocrat Grace Elliott enjoys her comfortable upper-middle class life and warm friendship with her former lover the Duke of Orleans, until the turbulent French Revolution of the s frighteningly begins.

Their friendship unravels as Grace risks her life taking in a fugitive against the Duke's wishes. Soon, Grace urges the Duke not to make a horrifying decision. But ultimately she's unable to prevent several bloody fates — including the possibility of her own. This program shows Versailles and its political purpose and the arbitrary applications of despotism: revocation of the Edit of Nantes, deportation of Huguenots, persecution of Jansenists, and the relationship between the king and the church.

When Louis XIV died, new political concepts were prevalent. This film is about a Jewish director who is forced to hide in the basement of his theater during the Nazi occupation while his wife stars in its latest production. Romantic tensions mount when she and her leading man begin to fall in love with each other. At the same time, a pro-Nazi theater critic ensconces himself in the theater causing stress to the entire cast.

Xavier is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful girlfriend Martine. But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to multi-cultural chaos as Xavier gets a hilarious, eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh Special features include: Full screen or widescreen version. It has been played continuously and is part of the repertory of the comedie Francaise, the most famous French troup. Ten years ago, history said he died a hero.

Now Colonel Chabert is back to claim what's rightfully his — but first he must prove he exists. When Dorante travels to meet Silvia for the first rime, she obtains the permission of her father, Monsieur Orgon, to disguise herself as her servant, Lisette, in order to examine the character of her intended unobserved.

But as second thoughts assail him, he consults with his friend Geronimo, a couple of philosophers, and even a pair of fortune-tellers. Convinced tha the will become the butt of marital infidelity, he struggles to break off the engagement — until Doremene's brother gives him a sound beating, which persuades him to finish what he has started.

Having lost all patience with the flattery and hypocrisy of fashionable society, Alceste has vowed to speak and act only with complete sincerity. A gripping police noir, Le Petit Lieutenant tells the story of Antoine, an ambitious young cop from the provinces who joins a plainclothes crime unit in Paris. Antoine spends his days eagerly awaiting his first assignment, drinking with his fellow detectives and developing an unlikely relationship with his superior, a veteran policewoman with a troubled past.

But when the body of a drifter is found murdered along the Seine, a seemingly routine investigation suddenly turns violent and forever changes all their lives. He only too willingly becomes the butt of practical joke perpetrated by some visiting movie people. They sign him up to a phony contract and invite him to Paris to make his debut. The expectant grocer goes to Paris where predictable the role reversal results.

Bomarzo by Manuel Mujica Láinez

He becomes a great star though of comedy, not of tragedy. If they are able to solve twelve tasks, that he has selected, he will hand over the Roman Empire to them. If not, they will have to submit. Enjoy the poetic animal stories of one of France's most beloved writers. Includes vocabulary sheet and 10 question worksheet. Pseudo-intellectualism is all the fashion, and Chrysale is a man under siege.

Scapin, the prototypical clever servant, schemes to extricate two pairs of young lovers from great difficulties; when his machinations come to light, a happy coincidence ties all the loose ends together. A multi-angled profile of Parisians and their Paris in the 17th century: laborers, tradesmen, artisans, soldiers, priests, beggars, and the rich and famous, whose lavish lifestyles supported and exploited all the rest and led, inevitably, to their overthrow during the Revolution. Counterpointing the faces and habits of Parisians then and now, the program emphasizes how many things have remained the same through change.

A gut-wrenching tale of incestuous, emotional rivalries that destroy an already neurotic family, announces his love for Madeline. Unknown to him, or his domineering and possessive mother, Madeline is the mistress of his philandering father, George. The mother and aunt plot to disrupt the affair between the two youngsters, but a change in heart and the mother's death brings the story to resolution.

This live-action video features vignettes of Parisians at work and play. The vocabulary has been programmed to appeal to a wide range of student achievement levels. Gorgibus, a provincial bourgeois, moves to Paris in the hopes of marrying his daughter and niece to a pair of young men of good families. Unfortunately, Magdelon and Cathos, enamored of the affections of Parisian society, reject their suitors for lacking the flamboyant manners they so adore.

In retaliation, the suitors pass off their valets as highly fashionable noblemen, who succeed in infatuating the snobbish young ladies — and when the subterfuge is revealed, their mortification is complete. Made by critically-acclaimed filmmaker Claude Lelouch, this musical extravaganza spans three generations from pre-World War II Europe to the 's. The sweeping epic features music from composers like Michel Legrand, Francis Lai, as well as classical scores from Beethoven, Ravel, Liszt, and more.

French with English Subtitles. A year after W. I has ended, cynical Major Dellaplane has the difficult task of identifying and interring thousands of fallen French soldiers anonymously languishing in field hospitals and littering the vast Verdun battlefield. Special features include: An interview with Philippe Noiret and Bertrand Tavernier, stills gallery, and filmographies. Episodically explores the career of the novelist who championed the cause of France's oppressed.

Brash ne'er-do-well Liliom, played by Boyer with physical gusto and inner uncertainty, is a carnival barker until he encounters the ethereal Julie. Their spellbound union is based on her unwavering faith in him. Liliom is overjoyed to learn he will become a father, but his efforts to find money for his family end badly. When twin dark angels bring Liliom to a fantastic tribunal in the heavens, his story is contradicted by a filmed replay of his past.

Years later, he is brought back for one day to do something good. An uncanny encounter with his daughter leads to a beautifully abstract resolution of his destiny. French with French and English subtitles. Comprised of three separate stories on one VHS tape. This was Renoir's last film of a career that spanned almost 50 years. A story of an elderly husband who accepts his wife's adulterous affairs. Jean-Jacques Annaud adapts Marguerite Duras' autobiographical novel L'Amant: political, social and class tensions and sexual role-playing refracted through an erotic relationship between a beautiful French girl Jane March and her older, elegant, aristocratic Chinese lover.

The film is set in French-occupied Indochina during the s. Special features include: Unrated version and trailer. Narrated by Bertrand Tavernier, this amazing journey through the birth of the motion picture as art form is no ordinary compilation. Special features include: Commentary in English by Bertrand Tavernier, piano score composed and performed by Stuary Oderman, and commentary in French by Thierry Fremaux. When the Congo declared its independence from Belgium in , the year-old, self-educated Lumumba became the first prime minister of the newly independent state.

The beautiful and fiercely sensual Emma Bovary is trapped in a loveless marriage with a small-town physician. Possessed by a burning hunger for life and love, Emma pursues scandalous affairs with passionate abandon. But when her equally reckless spending triggers a financial crisis, she must gain control over her behavior she completely destroys the lives of those around her. Special features include: Special theatrical trailer. The story of one ill-fated woman's revolt against conventional society. Madame Rosa is an aging Jewish prostitute who earns her living raising other prostitutes' children when they can no longer tend to them.

Struggling to make her way in the world, Manon has no idea that her neighbor and his nephew cheated her out of her fathers land. Copy 1 — DVD. Memory was the starting point for Proust. The rich images of Remembrance of Things Past reveal a life that is a work of art, investigating time and memory emotionally and psychologically. The first installment of Marcel Pagnol's trilogy about a wandering sailor, Marius, his lady love, Fanny, and their child, Cesario. This video features an interview with the widely read and gifted writer from Guadeloupe, author of 14 novels, five plays, and numerous collections of essays.

She talks freely about her childhood, her passion for honesty, her compassion for women, her love of family, and her respect for the craft of writing. She also describes her experiences with racism in France and the United States, the controversy her books have caused in various parts of the world, and her view of what it means to be independent. English voice-over. The Magician. This film uses rare archival footage, film experts and reconstructions to reveal the life, art, and unique techniques of the legendary film pioneer.

Anne Desbardes is the bored young wife of a wealthy industrial baron. The only light in her life is her young son Pierre. During one of Pierre's piano lessons "in town" a violent crime is committed in a neighboring cafe. Curious, Anne later goes to the cafe and strikes up a conversation with an employee of her husband, Chauvin. The acquaintance soon becomes an obsession with her, as she equates herself with the victim of the passionate crime she almost witnessed.

Delicate, naturalistic, and tinged with a striking mix of nostalgia and menace, Mon Oncle Antoine follows Benoit, as he first encounters the twin terrors of sex and death, and his fellow villagers, who live under the thumb of the local asbestos mine owner. Two Disc Set. Disc 1: Feature Film. New, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director of photography Michael Brault, optional English-dubbed soundtrack, theatrical trailer, new and improved English subtitle translation.

On Screen! In a street called Blue in a very poor neighborhood in Paris, Monsieur Ibrahim is an old Muslim Turkish owner of a small market. He becomes friend of the teenager Jewish Moises, tenderly nicknamed Momo, who lives with his father in a small apartment on the other side of the street. Monsieur Ibrahim gives paternal love and teaches the knowledge of the Qur'an to the boy, receiving in return love and respect.

A stronghold of art, history and of spirituality, dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, France's patron saint, emerges as one of the world's most outstanding shrines. Philippe Abrams is a post office manager in the South of France. He is married to Julie, a difficult woman who makes his life miserable. To please her, he tries to cheat his way into a job transfer to the French Rivera.

Jula and French with English subtitles. Among the intoxicating hills of the rustic Bastide Neuve young Marcel and his family experience an unforgettable summer holiday. Young Marcel's mother has fallen in love with the tranquil radiance of Bastide Neuve after spending a blissful summer holiday there. Desperate to make it a weekly ritual, she encourages her family of modest means to make the exhausting nine-mile route on foot to get to her beloved hills. But when they find ther is an illegal short cut through a private estate, they are torn between the long haul and the easy way.

In , Clouzot joined forces with his friend Picasso to make an entirely new kind of art documentary — one that captured the moment and the mystery of creativity. For the film, the master created 20 artworks — ranging from playful black-and-white sketches to wide screen paintings. Definitive film on Nazi concentration camps and a devastating record of a man's inhumanity to man. Explore the diversity and richness of French literature from its beginnings up to the modern-day philosophical musings of Sartre and Camus.

The great authors and important movements and eras are covered. A great film, crafted by one of the 20th century's most revered artists.

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European system. The city of Paris, where the Arc de Triomphe curves majestically over the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower's lacy finger pierces the sky; and the Louvre Museum, with its Renaissance elegance, surrounds the pristine modern glass pyramid. This intimate exploration of the most glorious city in the world traces Paris' history and culture through its architecture, monuments, museums and its most notable citizens: Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle, Victor Hugo, Eduord Manet and Coco Chanel.

A history of Paris during the tumultuous years of the Consulate, the Empire, the Restoration, and the July Monarchy, when acceptance of religious, monarchical and parental authority ceased to hold sway and the relentless drive of the bourgeoisie for social acceptance became the overriding concern. This whirlwind narrative about love in the City of Love goes from one seemingly unconnected tale to the next, until they all begin to be wound together.

Truly destined to be a classic film. French and English with English and optional Spanish subtitles. The history of people, events, and places in France; includes music and art. Three tapes. Part 1 of 3. Paris: Beginning in , this first program presents the Paris of revolutionary theater, the Romantics, and the neoclassicists. The appearance of the Feuilletons and the erection of the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, and the Place de Concorde take viewers on a nostalgic tour of a bygone Paris era.

Part 2 of 3. It features the magnificent salons of Paris, the founding of the Louvre, and the creation of many other buildings and institutions, such as the opera and train stations. The artistic works of Manet and the avant-garde movement conjure a Paris on the precipice of a new, modern era. Part 3 of 3. It is the turn of the century — fin de siecle. This program captures that magical period in all of its glory on archival film by the renowned Lumiere brothers.

This is Paris at the end of a major cultural epoch. Learn how to form the passe compose of regular verbs. Easy-to-understand explanations are accompanied by footage that was shot in France. Many examples are provided and a quiz that reviews the lesson is found at the program's conclusion. Based on the 12th century book, Eric Rohmer's visually stylized film combines music, cinema, theater and more, creating a unique look at the Middle Ages. Perceval played by Fabrice Luchini is a young man living with his widowed mother and becomes enamored with the knights he sees, and thus sets out to become one.

Catherine Deneuve The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Indochine stars as a Princess whose father, the King Jean Marais , seeks her hand in marriage after promising his dying wife to only wed a woman more beautiful than she. A visiting Prince passes by, and an unlikely romance is born. The Greek legend as adapted by the French playwright Racine. For this monumental achievement—a nearly three-year-long, bank-breaking production—Tati again thrusts the endearingly clumsy, resolutely old-fashioned Monsieur Hulot Tati , along with a host of other lost souls, into a bafflingly modernist Paris.

With every inch of its superwide frame crammed with hilarity and inventiveness, Play Time slyly depicts the shock of the new. Please make sure that the booklet is returned with the DVD. Sent to live with her relatives, Ponette experiences the hopes, dreams and fears of a child following the loss of a parent. Two years before she captured the hearts of movie fans around the world in Amelie, Audrey Tautou starred in this story of three young women struggling with abandonment issues. Sisters Lea and Aurelie Olivia Bonamy and Axelle Ade-Pasdeloup are angry with their mother for taking up with a new man following the death of their father.

While conning various neighborhood men, they meet Anne-Sophie Tautou , whose heart has been broken by an unfaithful lover. The sisters conspire with Anne-Sophie to get even with her ex-boyfriend, but their mischief escalates into real trouble. Come see the fabulous Jenny Lamour, the singer with stars in her eyes. Ignoring the protest of her covetous husband Maurice Jenny pursues a meeting with a lecherous movie financier. This documentary examines Montaigne's life and work, offering exccerpts from his writings by French-born actor, Francis Dumaurier. A classic tale of intrigue and forbidden love.

Thrown into a political marriage of convenience by her ruthlessly power-hungry family, the beautiful Margot soon finds herself hopelessly drawn into their murderous affairs. It is then she realizes that her only hope of escape lies somewhere between the heroic soldier who loves her and the enemy husband who could save her. Francois Rabelais — satirist, humanist, and physician — did not have an easy time of it during his life.

His most famous work, Gargantua, was condemned by the Catholic Church for its unorthodox ideas and mockery of religious practices. This program examines the 16th-century masterpiece within the context of the epoch in which it was written, providing a comprehensive overview of the work, of Rabelais the man, and of the dogmatic world in which he lived. Stands as a landmark in international literature initiating the psychological realism that dominated the 19th-century novel.

A witty, enchanting comedy about the complications of love, Rendezvous in Paris, follows three young couples as they face the vanities, cruelties, and deceptions of their romantic entanglements. An implusive and instinctual adolescent girl arrives in Paris, hot for an acting career. Propelled from one man to another, she is involved in strange relationships that lead to obsession and suicide.

In a desperate quest to save his hometown, a young man quickly learns that a sharp wit is the key to open any door in the Versailles court of Louis XVI. But his mission is complicated when he finds himself locked in a dangerous triangle with two very seductive ladies: a sophisticated older woman who can help him Sartre, interviewed by Alexandre Astruc, speaks eloquently about his life and writings, his efforts on behalf of the French Resistance, his public opposition to the Algerian and Vietnam Wars, and his views on feminism.

Fernandel is well cast as a buffoon actor who, through mistaken identities and ability to mimic, becomes a Parisian sensation. Feminist, writer, political activist, the full range of Simone De Beauvoir's fascinating life is captured in this insightful documentary portrait. The memorable story of Truffaut's brighter, gentler, and still deeply felt, troubled childhood.

A collection of four short films about Parisian women. Special features include: Chaptering for all acts of the play, indexing for locating key segments and previews of other Broadway Theater Archive plays. Events unfold when a rich merchant falls under the spell of a charismatic religious zealot. Gerard Depardieu's TARTUFFE is a powerful manipulator, charming his way into the merchant's household, making passes at the master's wife and wreaking havoc with his daughter's engagement party.

Pushed to their limits, the entire family conspires to expose the imposter. The story of a man who cloaks his evil in piety and nearly succeeds in defrauding the innocent, but for the intercession of the king. The lives and loves of several completely opposite men and women artfully intersect in what becomes a delightfully funny web of romantic entanglements. While negotiating differences in wealth and status, style and taste, this vivid collection of characters mix and match in outrageously volatile combinations! Internationally acclaimed for its sexy comic sophistication -- expect the unexpected from this uncommonly entertaining motion picture!

On the streets, one word is law: survival. French star Coluche, in this extrodinary glimpse of underworld drama, portrays a middle-aged ex-cop whose life consists of just that: survival. In his loneliness he befriends and equally lonely youth who pushes drugs on the street.

When the boy is killed by his suppliers in an "accident," Coluche must choose — remain indifferent or avenge his friend's death. Mathieu, an urbane widower, is tortured by his lust for the elusive Conchita. Isa is an optimistic wanderer eking out an existence for herself working odd jobs, while backpacking across the French countryside. She lands a job at a dress factory where she befriends the pessimistic, rebellious Marie.

The two polar opposites become roomates and slowly develop a close friendship. But when Marie falls into a passionate affair with a handsome, arrogant young man, her all-consuming romance causes her friendship with Isa to suffer, with tragic consequences. Anna Magnani plays Camilla the leading star of a commedia del-l'arte troupe touring Peru in the early 18th century. The actors arrive on the same boat that transports the new golden coach of the Viceroy. Camilla has to dally with her three lovers — Felipe, a young officer, a suave Viceroy, and Ramon, a bullfighter.

Each man desires Camilla for different purposes. Romantic jealousy and local politics enter into the roundelay. Camilla must break from her lovers and the reality of the Peruvian town to the retreat of her self-sustaining art. Opens in , as Proust is on his deathbed, looking through photos and remembering his life.

Gradually, we watch as his own experiences give way to the characters in his novel - fiction eclipses reality. The tour includes history, landmarks, and current events that take place at various cities in France. A sharp and biting comic drama about a dysfunctional family that gets together for dinner once a week.

Charlotte Rampling plays a middle-aged woman in a complacent but seemingly happy marriage. Her life changes dramatically when her husband disappears without a trace while the couple is on vacation. While the uncertainty of the husband's fate is constantly in the air, the film's central focus is the adjustment of Rampling's character to life alone and her tentative steps toward a new relationship. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, interview with Charlotte Ramping, and audio commentary with Francois Ozon.

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  • The story of Mona, an aimless drifter whose only desire in life is to be truly free. As she wanders through the wintry French countryside, Mona encounters violence, hunger, fear and cold. She deeply touches the lives of those people she meets on the road, confronting them with her own ideas of freedom. Set in Baroque France, a scheming widow and her lover make a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married woman. The lover, Valmont, bets that he can seduce her, even though she is an honorable woman.

    If he wins, he can have his lover to do as he will. However, in the process of seducing the married woman, Valmont falls in love. Based on the same novel as "Dangerous Liaisons. Special features include: trailer. A wonderful introduction to the brilliant mind and sharp tongue of Voltaire, this program offers the principal adventures of the young man raised to believe that this is the best of all possible worlds. Discussion in English only. This historical documentary describes how a small hamlet in France opposed the Vichy government and saved 5, Jews from extermination during World War II in what director Pierre Sauvage describes as a "conspiracy of goodness.

    English with French subtitles. A purr-fect romantic comedy about a beautiful girl, her missing pet, and her search for true love in Paris. While a guillotine and an executioner are sent from France, a convict sentenced to death on the isolated island of Saint-Pierre strives to better himself in the eyes of the police chief's beautiful wife. But when an event takes place turning public opinion against his execution, the town's politicians become even more determined to carry it out — and teach the police chief and his wife a lesson they will never forget.

    Special features include: Making of featurette, trailer, and cast and crew interviews. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, letterbox, and still gallery. A program about the life and work of the great fabulist whose renditions of Aesop in verse hold up animals as a mirror for a man. A landmark political thriller, Costa-Gavras follows the routine investigation of a seemingly accidental death of a Greek pacifist leader, which eventually uncovers a web of violence and terrorist tactics that implicates an entire government in its secret conspiracy to murder an honest man.

    Special features include: Commentary track with Costa-Gavras, interviews, restoration demo, photo gallery, original trailer, filmographies, and weblinks. An early French sound film set in a boy's school and featuring a charming rebellion against authority. This story is about a star who walks out on her sugardaddy producer for true love, and a talented Cinderella takes her place, saves the show and is hailed as a new sensation opening night.

    An intellectual cinematic masterpiece based on the story by Thomas Mann of youth trying to understand life. Tonio, the son of an austere Prussian businessman, is a young writer torn between contradictory desires and emotions. German with English subtitles. Includes a detailed Guidebook. Thirteen VHS tapes. The Criterion Collection. The sly melodies of Kurt Weill and the daring of dramatist Bertolt Brecht come together on-screen under the direction of master-director G.

    Pabst in this classic adaptation of the Weimar-era theatrical sensation. Set in the impoverished back alleys of Victorian London, the film follows underworld antihero Mackie Messer a. It is presented here in both its celebrated German and rare French Versions. German with optional English subtitles. DVD 2 discs. In Berlin, Inspector Kras investigates the murder of television anchorman Peter Barter, slain with an experimental silent gun. A creepy blind psychic named Cornelius predicts the killing and insists that danger awaits visiting American billionaire Henry B. Travers, who is trying to close a deal to purchase the Taran Atomic works, and build nuclear Rockets.

    Special features include: Audio commentary by film historian David Kalat, rare stills and poster art, trailers of Dr. Mabuse series, and a 35 min. Special features include: Making of the featurette, deleted scenes, alternate opening and ending, trailer, and filmographies. The story is a tale of Spanish colonialists searching for El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, in 16th-century Peru.

    When the travelers reach an impasse, a scouting party is assembled to search for any traces of the mythical empire. As they attempt to forge their way through the dense jungle, more and more of the party falls ill while their ruthless leader, Don Lope de Aguirre Klaus Kinski , grows increasingly insane.

    The Philhellenes in the War of Independence

    Includes booklet on CD. Special features include: Audio commentary by the directors, trailer, and talent biographies. A Jewish woman, active in the resistance movement and working as a spy at a Nazi Newspaper, begins a passionate lesbian affair with an upper-class German housewife in this erotic drama based on a true story.

    Murder is still for sale, but crime is organized by the state, not by the mob. Ricky — hired first by the U. Although Ricky wears a soft fedora as well as a white double-breasted suit , it is Fassbinder who tips his hat, with secondary characters named Walsh and Fuller. Special features include: Filmographies and weblinks.

    One is a French boy, Julien Quintin, and the other is a Jewish boy, Jean Bonnet, who is being hidden from the Nazis by the friars who run the school. Louis Malle directed this film based on personal experience when he was at a boarding school himself during the war. An award winning film with critically-acclaimed performances, the film tells the story of two young men who are sent to a small academy to be groomed for future leadership in the Third Reich. One is a working class boy with an unusual talent for boxing.

    The other is a governor's son and a writer who is opposed to Nazi ideology. The two boys form a bond, which is tested as one must decide between a future with the Third Reich and the moral imperative that his new friend shows him. German with English, Spanish, and French subtitles. Special features include: 2 Behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and photo gallery. With equal parts cynicism and sympathetic humanity, Fassbinder details a mammoth portrait of a common man struggling to survive in a viciously uncommon time. Total time — 15 hrs 40 min. German with optional English Subtitles.

    Discs I-VI: New high-definition digital transfer. Disc six includes a documentary with interviews with the cast and crew. Available on request: Large, Illustrated, and comprehensive supplemental booklet with essays by filmmaker Tom Tykwer, Fassbinder himself, and Thomas Steinfeld, as well as an interview with Schwarzenberger. After a lengthy sentence which began in the days of the GDR, Martin has now been released into a unified Berlin. He meets old friends and his wife who now lives with his son, whom he has never met, and another man.

    He is mistakenly caught up in a conflict with the police, but is released with his wife's help and is given another chance. See the 20th century as it actually happened — its leaders, empires, wars, and upheavals — over original newsreels, documentaries, and feature films including Nazi and Soviet propaganda and classic American, British and more. A singular documentary portrait of the pre-war capital of the Reich. This superlative film was finished before the outbreak of WW II, but was not shown in movie houses until German dialogue.

    A chronicle of the experiences of a film cast and crew stranded in a luxury seaside hotel. They are stalled by every conceivable production problem; the star thinks his part is too brutal, the producer has run out of money and the director hasn't shown up yet. Special features include: Filmographies, trailer, and weblinks. Given a clarinet by her free-spirited aunt, Lara is immediately consumed by a new passion her parents cannot begin to fully comprehend. Kati and Steffi have been best friends forever.

    But when Steffi sees her father out with another woman, her life begins to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Kati begins a fun romance with an older man. As the two girls begin to grow apart, they realize that they need each other more than ever. An investigation into two contrary, but equally radical lives, both of which ended through violence: Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the board of Deutsche Bank, died in in a bomb attack presumably planned and executed by the RAF.

    The circumstances surrounding his death were never fully revealed.

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    German with English Subtitles. A sexually repressed instructor of a boys prep school learns of the pupils' infatuation with French postcards depicting a local nightclub songstress. He decides to personally investigate the source of such indecency. Special features include: Audio commentary on German disc.

    Marlene Dietrich's "Blue Angel" screen test, Dietrich interview footage, trailer, Dietrich concert footage, photo gallery, filmmaker and cast biographies, and production history. A nightmare realm in which light, shadow and substance are abstracted, a world in which a demented doctor and a carnival sleepwalker perpetrate a series of ghastly murders in a small community. Color tinted. Special features include: 43 min. The story of a young teacher who goes against the routine opportunism of her hypocritical and small-minded surroundings.

    Just starting her teaching career, she discovers her students hide their true thoughts and feelings and only say what they are expected to say. Based on a true story about a bored year-old girl who seeks excitement in the seamy drug scene of the 70s Berlin. Cobra Verde is a visually astonishing 19th-century true-life tale about a Brazilian bandit known as Cobra Verde who is exiled to West Africa to rejuvenate the slave trade.

    Once he's in Africa, his sanity is put to the ultimate test, as he is an unwanted outsider in a foreign, uncultivated world. Holed up in a deserted slave fortress on the coast, Cobra Verde goes about constructing an elaborate and unlikely scheme — in this case to build up a vast slave trade ruled under his iron fist. His plans fall apart, however, when the civil wars waged by the insane Leopard King come crashing down on Cobra Verde and his plans. When the bandit is rescued by the king's equally crazy brother, Cobra Verde gathers a vast army of Amazon women warriors and plans to regain his dominance.

    Special features include: Audio commentary by directors, trailer, and talent biographies. Recounts the enchanted career of the con man extraordinaire Felix Krull--a man unhampered by the moral precepts that govern the conduct of ordinary people. Based on the best-selling novel by Benjamin Lebert. It's his fifth school. But for Benni, life isn't about school. It's about good friends and falling in love, making music and breaking all the rules, longing and loneliness — about growing into adulthood, deciding for yourself and believing that the future will be just fine.

    Region 2. Must use multi-regional DVD player to view. This film, about war, is the story of young men, practically boys, hungry for adventure, seduced by Nazi propaganda, enticed by the marvels of technology. Eagerly, they set out to challenge the brutal forces of nature, to battle an invisible enemy. Many are inexperienced. They have yet to learn of the horrors of war; they know neither the loneliness nor the desperation.

    Special features include: Making of, behind the scenes, and director's commentary. The White Sound begins as a young German, Lukas Daniel Bruehl , takes a train from his family home in the country to his new home in Cologne where he plans to move in with his older sister, Kati Anabelle Lachatte. Arriving at the train station, he finds that Kati isn't there, and wanders about in a nervous daze until she finds him. Later he's warmly greeted by Jochen Patrick Joswig , Kati's hippie-ish boyfriend.

    Lukas goes out partying with them, and meets a girl Katharina Schuttler , with whom he quickly makes a date. They plan to see Taxi Driver, but when they arrive at the theater, they find out that the film hasn't opened yet. His date takes it in stride, but Lukas freaks out, screaming obscenities at the hapless cashier in a paranoid frenzy. His date runs off, frightened. Lukas doesn't know it yet, but he's descending into schizophrenia. The film chronicles his breakdown as he begins hearing whispers that grow more and more threatening, eventually telling him that Kati and Jochen find him disgusting and plan to kill him.

    The only thing that seems to soothe his psyche is the "white noise" of the water running in the shower. One day, in a panic, he jumps from the window of his room, and at the hospital, he and Kati get the terrible diagnosis. Lukas begins taking medication, gets a mundane job, and seems to be functioning fairly well.

    But despite Kati's best efforts, he can't maintain his sedated new life. He stops taking his medicine and runs off. The title is in reference to the unexpected German victory over the Hungarians at the World Cup in Bern, Switzerland. During his absence, mother Christa Johanna Gastdorf and daughter Ingrid Birthe Wolter have started up their own business, while son Matthias Louis Klamroth has developed an interest in soccer. He idolizes local player Helmut Rahn, but his father doesn't approve of it.

    The finale at the climactic soccer game was re-created with professional players from the German Football Liga along with a 3-D stadium and CGI crowd. German with English, French, and Spanish Subtitles. This VHS tape has three different films on it. Cosmopolitan city with heart. A tour through the town with a stroll by the city and scenes of the Oktoberfest.

    The Alps and lakes. An amusing journey of Zugspitze to the king's lake with Bavarian music. Includes one booklet in German. Sepia color. Six VHS tapes. This trip leads at first to the German north, inspires us with its wide, open sceneries, and unique mud flats, and many offshore islands. Mule cinema presents in this two-part travel video marvelous sceneries and charming venerable towns so typical of Southern Germany and the Black Forest. In the comfortable compartment, by ship on the Bondensee or also in the comfortable coach on the romantic street the trip leads over Wurzburg, Coburg, Bamberg, castle Rothen o.

    Cock pigeon, Passau, Freiburg and Constance. And then his breathtaking nice baroque church, to say nothing of Munich, Weltstadt with heart! This is a travel video of Germany that looks specifically at Berlin and Dresden. Need multi-standard DVD player to view. In the year an American travel group made its way to Germany. The tourists visited, among other things. A trip in the land of the woods, lakes, and castles. Maybe you have already forgotten it: Germany of the half-timbered houses and scattered farmsteads, the storks and herons and the good, old craft enterprises.

    But you can refresh your mind, one must know only where. This is a series of five minute films about these new states; it aims to provide an initial look at their scenery, economic structure, important cities, and cultural history. Includes Booklet with Film Text. This clique has grown up in the protected middle class town with classical values such as security and stability. The CLASS OF ' 99 is a film about friendship and love, confidence and loyalty and uncertainties at the beginning of adult life and beyond.

    It is a story about how time changes everything. This movie takes you into Hitler's bunker during the brutal and harrowing last days of the Third Reich. Seen through the eyes of Hitler's infamous secretary Traudl Junge, optimism crumbles into grim realization and terror as it becomes clear that Germany's defeat is inevitable. As the Russian army circles the city, the dimly lit halls of the underground refuge become an execution chamber for the Fuhrer and his closest friends.

    Thursday, November 9, The fight for freedom and Democracy pays off for millions of East Germans, as the border is finally opened. But when a rich businessman catches the crew in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they really are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of the greater good, or just their own self-interest. At the age of seventeen, the radiant Effi Briest marries Baron von Instetten, a diplomat twenty years her senior, and is whisked away to a remote Baltic port.

    Trapped in a passion existence, she enters into a halfhearted affair with a charming military officer. Special features include: Filmographies, weblinks, and information on other Fassbinder films. The director of "Men and Nobody Loves Me" returns with a witty and humane comedy about two brothers traveling to Japan to visit a Buddhist monastery. But this area must have been inhabited as early as BCE. But Cailleux was unlucky: some time after his book was published, Heinrich Schliemann triumphantly proved that Troy and Mycenae existed as powerful cities at the right time and in the right place to have fought a Trojan War such as the epics describe.

    Thus there was no great thirst for geohistorical speculation then in the market. More than a century later, the Dutch Iman Wilkens presented the same idea again. Those living in Cambridgeshire were attacked by fellow Celts from the Continent to win access to the very profitable tin mines in Cornwall. He further hypothesizes that the Sea Peoples see Chronicles were Celts who settled in Greece and the Aegean as Achaeans and Pelasgians , bringing with them the oral poems that were translated and written down in Hellenic around BCE, forming the basis of the Iliad and Odyssey.

    Incan Golden Solar disc, used as a star map. It was lost during the Conquista. More extreme views have occasionally surfaced that the whole geography of the Iliad and the Odyssey can be mapped on the coasts of the northern Atlantic. Some others turned recently their eyes to the sky arguing that the Homeric geography is to be found there, and that the Iliad and Odyssey can be decoded as a star map.

    Celestial map by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit 17th century. Chronicle 5. Dever , Wilusa , Yahweh , Zion , Zionism. If we take into account the wrecking of the Minoan navy policing the seas, we can presume that these peoples were nothing but pirates at the time, and we also realize how interdependent the great powers were in the ancient world. Later the Egyptians started identifying various bands of Sea Peoples in their own style, and one of the first mentioned were the Sherden or Shardana, a large group of pirates.

    Ancient ship, Egyptian papyrus painting. They disrupted trade in the end of the 13th century and contributed greatly to the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization. Nonetheless, they are not mentioned in either Hellenic or Hittite legends or documents, suggesting that they did not originate from either sphere of influence. Many scholars relate the Shardana to Sardinia due to the similarity between the two words.

    Based on the same principle, the archaeologist Margaret Guido proposed that the Shardana might have ultimately derived from Sardis and the Sardinian plain nearby, in Lydia , and perhaps migrated later to Sardinia. It seems that many people, and not only the Trojans that would become Romans , left Anatolia and the Aegean for the Italian peninsula and its islands due to the Bronze Age collapse , rather than before.

    Recent genetic studies indicate that the populations not only of people, but even of cattle, in various Italian regions, especially in Tuscany , are more related to Anatolia, mainly in the northwest, than to anywhere else. Etruscans dancing, wall painting in a tomb. A famous passage from Herodotus portrays the migration and drifting of Lydians because of famine:. Drought could have easily precipitated socio-economic problems and wars. As regards the story told by Herodotus and its link to the Sea Peoples, several scholars contend that those called Teresh by the Egyptians were none others than the Tyrrhenians, or Tyrsenians, who are often identified with the Tusci hence Tuscany , the Latin exonym for the Etruscans , or Rasena, as they called themselves.

    The Tyrsenian linguistic family , together with Etruscan , includes the Lemnian language , spoken on the Aegean island of Lemnos until the 6th century BCE. Another Aegean tongue possibly related to the Etruscan was the Minoan Cretan. A third Aegean island close to Anatolia mentioned as their possible homeland by Thucydides is that of Lesbos. This version would serve their interests for the Etruscans were their rivals. If they showed that they had a common ancestry, any further animosity between them would be considered fratricidal.

    There are some clues to support this view. Several writers, as e. Hittite chariot. The Troad was outside the territory but within the sphere of influence of Hatti. However, another Hittite record points to a different location, for it contains a list of cities, among them Tarsa, most likely Tarsus. Anatolian connections have been suggested for other Sea Peoples, as well, like the Lukka Lycians.

    Most striking is that the vast majority of them seem to have descended from the Troad. This long, ravaging war, in combination with the widespread famine in the entire peninsula, created the explosive conditions leading to the collapse. Under the circumstances, many Trojans, allies or neighbours became refugees, and some survived by their wits and swords. Archeological evidence leads to the conclusion that the Sea Peoples were not pirates anymore, nor raiders plundering and pillaging established cities, but instead a mass of people looking for a place to settle, in search of a home.

    This was obvious since their first invasion of Egypt under Libyan leadership when they were accompanied by their families and belongings. The Libyan tribes also played a role in the first campaigns against Egypt. Herodotus and Hecataeus mentioned one of them centuries later. It was the Berber tribe of the Maxyes or Mazyes, the Mazaces to the Romans or the Meshwesh to the Egyptians, who also claimed to have a Trojan heritage.

    Trojan War scenes on pottery. A Peleset captive in Egypt, and the particular Phaestos disc symbol below on the right. The ancient canal linking the Mediterranean and the Red Seas is also shown. Others have theorized that they became part of the Israelite confederacy, as the tribe of Asher. Another people connected with the Hebrews were the Tjeker. Moving to Canaan, they captured the city-state of Dor and turned it into a large, well-fortified capital of their kingdom. Dor was violently destroyed in the midth century BCE by the expanding Phoenicians , who were checked by the Philistines, and then by the Hebrews.

    King David if he was something more than just a mythological figure supposedly conquered Dor and the Tjeker were mentioned no more. A possible linguistic connection has been proposed between the Tjeker and the Tekrur, identified with the Teucri, a tribe described by some ancient sources as inhabiting northwest Anatolia to the south of Troy.

    Tradition offers basically two candidates for a homeland: Crete or Attica. Legend links all three places and goes even further, following two heroes with the same name: Teucer or Teucrus. According to Virgil, the older Teucer was from Crete but left the island with a third part of its inhabitants during a great famine how many such stories…. They settled near a river, which was named Scamander after his father. Dionysius of Halicarnassus claims Teucer had gone to the Troad from Attica.

    Scamander or Xanthos was said to have been a river-god, a son of Oceanus. According to Homer , he fought on the side of the Trojans after Achilles insulted him. He was the personification of the river that flowed by Troy. The Hellenes had set up their camp near its mouth, and their battles with the Trojans were fought on its plain. With the arrival of Dardanus there, Teucria was renamed as Dardania thence Dardenelles , and later Troad from king Tros.

    But these toponymic changes would not deter the Trojans to often call themselves Teucrians. Aeneas e. The Judgement of Paris , by Enrique Simonet : Aphrodite , the winner in this ancient beauty pageant, stepping forward triumphantly naked, while Hera and Athena stay behind humiliated…. The younger Teucer or Teucrus was a son of king Telamon of Salamis , the island of Attica where the decisive naval battle of the Graeco-Persian Wars would be fought.

    He was half Trojan because his mother was a princess of Ilion. After all, war was a family affair — let alone for Teucer Jr!

    Open Book Publishers

    He was disowned, exiled, and set out to find a new home. Teucer eventually joined the Phoenician king Belus of Tyre in his campaign against Cyprus, and when the island was seized, Belus handed it over to Teucer as a reward. He founded there the city of Salamis , named after his homeland. Apart from Salamis, Teucer is credited as a founder of other cities, as well.

    The legend seems to be based more on the conjecture that Greek traders might have arrived there in ancient times. Though legends appear for a certain reason, historians and archaeologists tend to agree that the initial settlement was probably formed when Gallaecia was integrated into the Roman Empire 1st century BCE.

    Up to now, with the sole exception of Teucer attacking Cyprus in collaboration with the Phoenicians and representing the people who found refuge there well, at the expense of the locals , we have seen no Hellenes fighting alongside the Sea Peoples, but rather against them, in the Trojan War. It is what Sanford Holst already said in our previous Chronicle :. Let us try to verify this in Wikipedia:. This may demonstrate a logical discontinuity, as well!

    The author leaves the question of who the invaders were open. Captive Sea Peoples in Egypt. The Anatolians predominated among the Sea Peoples but were not alone. Names of tribes with dubious or unknown origin are several in the Egyptian files — like the Shekelesh, probably the Siculi , who moved to Sicily from the Italian mainland.

    However, if we have faith in Michael Wood , they were Greeks:. Michael Wood is not alone, too. What kind of Bronze Age scholars are they if they pretend to ignore that Achaeans and Danaans are synonymous terms? Have they not been schooled in the Iliad? Homer mentions the name Achaeans times; Danaans times; Argives times; and Hellenes only once. According to a version of the myth, they were ancestors of the Greeks and their tribes: Hellen , Graecos, Magnes , and Macedon Makednos were sons of Deucalion and Pyrrha , the only survivors of the Great Flood.