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Passion, energy, and cutting irony are the hallmarks of this didactic poem.

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It is a tale of bittersweet truths. The poem resonates with the defiant voice of a son-of-the-soil at odds with a world gone topsy-turvy.


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Verhaar, This book examines some of the changes that are taking place in Tok Pisin, an English-based pidgin, as it becomes the native language of the younger generation of rural and urban speakers. Suzanne Romaine, Sayuti Omar, But my intent in this work is not to elaborate on the status and function and development of the two pidgins but on their differences in grammar.

Therefore I'll mainly focus on the noun phrase and the verb phrase. Julia Burg, Cornelia Trefflich, Majunga Tok: Poems in Pidgin English is the poet's attempt at capturing the speech patterns of ordinary Cameroonians in written form. Ebooks and Manuals

Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Analyzing the prose narratives of Nazi Boni, Ahmadou Kourouma, and Patrice Nganang, this book contends that African literature written in European languages is primarily a creative translation process. Recourse to European languages as a medium of expressing African imagination, worldview, and cultures in fictional writing poses problems of intelligibility.

Developed to express and reflect Western worldviews and sensibilities, European languages are employed by African writers to convey messages that seem to be at variance with European imagination. These writers find themselves writing in languages they wish to subvert through the technique of literary indigenization.


The significance of this study resides in its raising awareness to the hurdles that literary creativity in a polyglossic context may present to readers and translators. This book provides answers to intriguing questions centering on the problematic of translation in contemporary African literature. It is a contribution to current research aimed at unraveling the conundrum surrounding the language question in African Europhone fiction, particularly the cultural functions of translation in literature.

Potential translation problems have to be addressed in order to make African literature written in European languages intelligible to global readership. With the advent of globalization, transcultural communication has become an activity of enormous importance to the international community.

It is a subject of great interest to translators, linguists, language instructors, and literary theorists.

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