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    Timely and Inspiring Prophetic Analysis so you can Prepare.

    I am So Thankful to all the People where I work and family and Friends for a wonderful birthday April 25, ; Especially to Angels of God Jesus all my depressed turbulant paths, to a successful year finding new better work; and all my gifts and blessings to this Day! Earth Day everydone-recyle etc! Have a Great Week! My son heard you talk on the radio program about an organization where you can make a one time donation to feed one child one meal a day for a year.

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    Shop Amazon Read More. The Jesuit Martyrs of North America One of the jewels of the Keep the Faith archives, this is the amazing account of eight courageous French Jesuits who were martyred for the Faith in the vast areas of Eastern Canada and the United States during the seventeenth century; it tells of hardship and suffering, fatigue and hunger, sickness, torture, and death.

    A professionally narrated six-part series. A ten-part series of talks. Audio Categories.

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    Sign up to receive email news and updates Today. In some cases these students particularly those from minority faiths were acting as informal chaplains, plugging the gaps in the formal chaplaincy provision offered by their university. Repeatedly we heard stories of students who had felt lost and isolated when they started university, only finding friends when they joined a faith or belief society.

    At the same time, many of these societies face significant obstacles.

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    Most commonly, committee members sometimes face significant pressures in terms of time and decision-making responsibilities, and in the case of smaller societies, often feel demoralised when turnout to the society activities is low. Many also struggle to undertake interfaith activities — often not from a lack of desire to do so, but simply as a result of organisational difficulties. And some continue to suffer from a lack of suitable resources or spaces in their university.

    A number of Jewish and Islamic Societies we engaged with told us about the difficulties they had in accessing kosher or halal food or cooking facilities, or suitable prayer spaces, which made it difficult for them to practise their religion as they wished to. We also heard about a range of internal tensions over direction and orientation that can arise in these societies. Often these revolve around gender or sexuality issues. For example, a minority of these societies continue to have disagreements about whether women can be in charge — this was the case in a number of the Christian Unions we spoke to.

    But the picture is complicated — many other societies have women in positions of leadership or are in fact entirely women-led; these societies are important sites of female empowerment. Most of the students we spoke to felt free to express their views as they wished to — chiming with polling data showing the vast majority over 80 per cent of students feel this way. Freedom of speech on campus is not in crisis and the public moral panic about this is largely exaggerated.

    Facing challenges and handling controversy

    But it was also clear that a minority of students do feel under pressure to self-censor their views. Our Muslim interviewees also made it clear that they felt under pressure to self-censor their views and avoid inviting potentially controversial external speakers, out of concern that they would be perceived as extreme and unfairly targeted under the Prevent duty. Most concerningly, we found that a significant minority of Jewish and Muslim students feel vulnerable to antisemitic and Islamophobic abuse. We heard shocking examples of Jewish students being targeted with antisemitic, Nazi graffiti in their halls of residence.

    These were isolated incidents but show that universities still have more work to do to ensure that all students and staff feel safe on campus.