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Tommy Dorsey practicing his radio interview skills. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. A few years ago, if I had a phone interview, it meant I was looking for a job. As soon as I am booked to do an interview, I listen to other interviews by the radio host. I had an interview with a radio talk show host who obviously had not read anything about me or my book. I could tell from my recon that his style was to ask general questions and trawl until he heard a keyword that was trending in the news that he wanted to run with.

I had prepared and brought every answer to his generic questions back to my book. That is, until he asked me where I got my MBA. At that point, I had to switch from playing offense redirecting everything back to my book to playing defense avoiding talking about politics. After I deflected a few loaded questions, he thanked me and moved on. I have experienced similar situations in job interviews where interviewers got us far off track. By doing radio, I have learned to view interview airtime as a precious, fixed resource that I need to keep focused on my goal e.

Edward Wimmer , RoadID co-founder and co-owner. Discuss a specific accomplishment of yours in a previous position that indicates you will thrive in this position.

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Dave Lavinsky , Growthink co-founder and president. But there is an answer. It's an invitation to the candidate to play the game and see where it goes without worrying about the right answer. By playing along, it tells me a lot about the character, imagination, and inventiveness of the person.

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If someone acts defensive, looks uncomfortable, and pauses longer than a few seconds, it tells me the person probably takes things too literally and is not a broad thinker. In our business we need broad thinkers. Richard Funess , Finn Partners managing partner.

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Tell us about a time when things didn't go the way you wanted--like a promotion you wanted and didn't get, or a project that didn't turn out how you had hoped. Candidates may say they understand the importance of working as a team, but that doesn't mean they actually know how to work as a team. We need self-starters that will view their position as a partnership. When candidates point fingers, blame, go negative on former employers, communicate with a sense of entitlement, or speak in terms of their role as an individual as opposed to their position as a partnership, they won't do well here.

Interview questions: Everyone has them.

1. Preparation

Why have you had x amount of jobs in y years? Like this column?

6 Job Interview Tips From Doing Radio

In IT, for example, an employment gap of 13 months or more means you've probably got a problem. So, you're in the room—or on Skype or the phone. Someone once said, "I never sound as stupid as when I'm trying to sound smart," and this is definitely an interview hazard. You may think business-speak buzzwords like "synergy," "low-hanging fruit," and "ideation" make you sound cool. Not so much. In an interview, yours isn't the only performance going on, and some hiring managers are sketchy about playing their own roles. They may try to impress you by tweaking the job description or the company's outlook.

Of all the questions commonly asked, four stand out as most important. Two reflect on your character in the workplace: How you deal with conflict and how you learn from mistakes.

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The third inquiry reveals you as either an ambitious forward-looker or a disagreeable malcontent: Why did you leave your last job? Then there's that moment where you're asked to list your strengths—more about this below. Interestingly, one classic query doesn't seem to matter much at all: What you're into outside of work. Okay, this one's kind of the master cheat sheet. Don't lie in your interview, but here's what you're supposed to say. The list above notwithstanding, women and men have slightly different priorities in what qualifies as applicant's most important personal strengths.

How to Prepare for a Radio Interview - Media Training

It seems close to a cliche, but female hiring managers are more concerned with quieter, inner-focused skills while males are interested in outward-going traits. Here's a helpful infographic.

800 hiring managers reveal their job search tips

Different strengths matter to different industries, and this shows the three most important strengths in each type of operation. For government work, discipline's hot; in construction, it's important to manage time well and to be patient. Who'd guess that the industry that most values creativity is the legal industry? Hiring managers also have feeling about your actions after the interview.

Slightly less than half expect any worthwhile applicant to follow up by email or by phone. Whether you're heading into the hot seat in the near future, or just hoping to be asked to interviews, you now have some insight as to what the interview process looks like to hiring managers.

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    08. Interview techniques

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